About us

Mehmet Eren Aksu is a full time medical doctor at Ege University, part time blogger and Affiliate Marketer at Healthy Bodies 101. He has graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at Ege University in 2024. During medical school he has published bestseller books on Amazon KDP. After KDP, he decided to start a brand new blog of its own "Healthy Bodies 101". When he is not working in hospital or blogging, he would love to do some cardio exercises, playing snooker and taste some good coffees. ☕​

Our Mission

At Healthy Bodies 101, we are sharing expert tips on cardiovascular exercises and workouts, also helping people to choose right cardio equipments for their exercises.

Reviewing treadmills, ellipticals, steppers, rowers and so on...


Dr. Mehmet Eren Aksu

Contact him at blog@healthybodies101.com

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