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ELSELUCK Walking Pad Reviews

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Having the Elseluck Walking Pad under my desk has been akin to hosting a silent disco at my feet—productive, yet surprisingly entertaining.

This review is the tale of my journey with this under-desk treadmill, where I aimed to merge the mundanity of office life with the spark of staying active.

About the Item
Model NameWalking Pad-Black
Product Dimensions47.6″D x 20.1″W x 4.6″H
Item Weight54 pounds (24.49 Kilograms)
MaterialAlloy Steel
Maximum Speed3.8 Miles per Hour
Recommended UsesFor Walking Pad
Maximum Horsepower2.0 HP
Input Power800 Watts
Maximum Weight220 lbs (100 Kilograms)
Special FeaturesPortable
Under Desk
Compact Design
Assembly RequiredYes
Included ComponentsPower Cord

Elseluck Walking Pad Review

Unboxing: A Quiet Entrance

The Elseluck made its debut in my life with the understated elegance of a black-tie event, its sleek black design whispering sophistication. Weighing a sturdy 54 pounds, it felt like lifting a medium-sized dog—manageable and somewhat endearing. Setting it up was as straightforward as a one-step dance move, promising a hassle-free start to our relationship.

Walking to the Beat of Work

This machine dares to walk the line between a leisurely stroll and a spirited jog, with speeds ranging from a snail-paced 0.6 MPH to a lively 3.8 MPH. The transition between speeds was smoother than my attempt at homemade smoothies, facilitated by a remote control that quickly became my wand of power.

The LED display served as my dashboard to fitness, providing stats with the clarity of a spring morning. It kept me informed and motivated, much like a personal coach, but without the shouting.

Whispering Wheels

One of the Elseluck’s most brag-worthy features is its stealth. The motor hums with the discretion of a well-kept secret, ensuring peace remains undisturbed. Its multi-layer, non-slip belt and shock absorption system deserve a round of applause for cushioning my steps so effectively that I could sneak in a workout without making my presence known.

Elseluck Walking Pad Reviews

A Magic Carpet Ride

When it comes to saving space, the Elseluck is the Houdini of treadmills. Its compact design allowed me to slide it under furniture with the ease of a seasoned magician. The built-in wheels meant moving it around didn’t require a workout of its own, making repositioning as easy as swiping right on a dating app.

Support That Stands By You

Dipping into the customer service experience was like having a safety net below a trapeze—comforting, though I never had to fall. The warranty and responsive customer service team stood ready to tackle any issues, which, thankfully, remained hypothetical in my case.


  • Compact and space-saving
    Quiet operation
    Easy setup
    Portable with built-in wheels
    Adjustable speed with remote control


  • Assembly required
    Limited top speed
    Weight capacity could be higher

My Opinions About Elseluck Walking Pad

The Elseluck Walking Pad is not the hero in a fitness transformation story. Instead, it’s the trusty sidekick that adds movement and a bit of fun to your daily routine. It’s perfect for those who want to combat the sedentary lifestyle without disrupting the workflow or the peace of the household.

While it’s a marvel in many ways, it’s not without its limitations. The top speed won’t have you breaking any sprinting records, and setup, while minimal, could still intimidate the less mechanically inclined among us.

For those looking to inject a bit of activity into their day without aspiring to athletic greatness, the Elseluck fits the bill perfectly. It’s like adding a dash of spice to a favorite dish—not overwhelming, but enough to make a noticeable difference.

In conclusion, the Elseluck Walking Pad manages to walk (and jog) a fine line between functionality, fun, and subtlety. It’s a testament to the fact that sometimes, the best additions to our lives are those that support our goals without stealing the spotlight. And in this case, it does so one step at a time.

What Do Users Think?

The Elseluck Walking Pad seems to have taken users on a journey of highs and lows, making its mark as both a beloved exercise companion and a source of occasional frustration. Here’s a rundown of the collective treadmill tapestry woven by its users:

High Praise for Minimalism and Functionality

Many users laud the Elseluck for its simplicity and minimalistic design, appreciating the focus it brings to their workouts without the distraction of unnecessary features. Its compact size is celebrated for fitting perfectly in small spaces, and the quiet operation is a consistent highlight, allowing users to exercise without disturbing the peace of their surroundings. The sturdy build instills confidence in its durability, underlining the product’s reliability.

A Lifeline for the Indoor Enthusiast

For those restricted indoors, either by health conditions or geography, the Elseluck has been a game-changer. It provides a safe and comfortable way to stay active, with users like Dee Quinn finding it invaluable for walking indoors, avoiding the harsh outdoor conditions of places like Arizona.

Room for Improvement in Control Logic

While generally satisfied with the product, some users like Yangzhong Tang mention the lack of memory for speed settings as a minor inconvenience, pointing out the frustration of having to adjust the speed manually after each pause or shutdown.

Lightweight and User-Friendly

Its lightweight nature has been a hit among users, making it easy to transport and store. The ease of use, complemented by the features of tracking exercise metrics and the convenience of a responsive remote control, has made the Elseluck a welcome addition to many homes.

Encountered Hurdles

However, not all experiences have been smooth sailing. Angela highlights issues with electrostatic build-up and a burning plastic smell, which have detracted significantly from the user experience. There are mentions of physical deterioration over short periods and concerns about safety and reliability, especially regarding the belt’s operation and the remote control’s functionality.

Diverging Experiences with Durability and Safety

Some users have raised red flags about malfunctions and potential safety hazards, with reports of the walking pad unexpectedly increasing speed or the remote ceasing to function, turning the device into a proverbial “brick.”

Synthesizing User Feedback

The Elseluck Walking Pad embodies a mixed bag of user experiences, ranging from high satisfaction to cautious disappointment. It stands out for its design, quiet operation, and ease of use, aligning well with the needs of users looking for a straightforward, effective way to incorporate more movement into their day. However, concerns about functionality, durability, and safety suggest that while the Elseluck hits many marks, there is room for refinement.

Potential buyers might weigh these insights carefully, balancing the appeal of a minimalist, functional treadmill against the reported issues that could impact long-term satisfaction and safety. The journey with the Elseluck Walking Pad, much like any path to fitness, appears to offer both smooth strides and stumbling blocks.

ELSELUCK Walking Pad, Under Desk Treadmill for Home Office, 2 in 1 Portable Walking Treadmill with Remote Control, Walking Jogging Machine in LED Display

Elseluck Walking Pad, Under Desk Treadmill for Home Office, 2 in 1 Portable Walking Treadmill with Remote Control, Walking Jogging Machine in LED Display

Product Brand: Elseluck

Editor's Rating:


  • Compact and space-saving
  • Quiet operation
  • Easy setup
  • Portable with built-in wheels
  • Adjustable speed with remote control


  • Assembly required
  • Limited top speed
  • Weight capacity could be higher
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