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Proform Carbon TL Treadmill stands out as one of Proform’s most preferred treadmills. So, let’s take a look at its features and our review of the treadmill.

Technical Features

About the Item
Model NameCarbon TL
Model Year2023
Product Dimensions68″D x 32″W x 57″H
Item Weight196 pounds
MaterialAlloy Steel
Maximum Speed10 Miles per Hour
Maximum Incline Percentage10%
Maximum Horsepower2.6 HP
Screen Size5 Inches
Input Power1000 Watts
Maximum Weight300 Pounds
Special FeaturesBuilt-In Speaker
Bluetooth Connectivity
Heavy Duty Construction
Auto Incline
Foldable (SpaceSaver Design)
Assembly RequiredYes
Warranty DescriptionFrame: 10 years
Machine Parts: 1 year
Labor: 1 year

ProForm Carbon TL Treadmill Review

Navigating the world of home treadmills can often feel like choosing a dessert at a high-end restaurant — everything looks good, but you’re not quite sure what will leave you feeling satisfied (or in the case of a treadmill, less guilty about skipping that dessert).

Enter the ProForm Carbon TL Treadmill, a machine that promises not just to save your waistline but to do so without taking over your living room. Having spent some quality time with this fitness beast, I’m here to walk (and jog and sprint) you through what it’s like to live with the Carbon TL.

Proform Carbon TL Reviews

Design and Build: Like a Swiss Army Knife for Your Fitness

The first thing you’ll notice about the Carbon TL is its sleek, unobtrusive design. It’s like ProForm took a look at the bulky treadmills of yesteryear and said, “Let’s make this thing fit in a modern apartment without looking like a leftover prop from a 90s gym commercial.” And they’ve succeeded. The treadmill’s alloy steel frame is sturdy yet surprisingly compact, bearing the weight of up to 300 pounds without breaking a sweat — even if you do.

Its SpaceSaver design is not just a fancy term; it genuinely saves space. Folding the deck up and away post-workout is as satisfying as closing your laptop after a long Zoom call. You reclaim your space, and the treadmill stands there, discreet and dignified, like a butler waiting for its next command.


ProForm Carbon TL; Treadmill for Walking and Running with 5” Display, Built-in Tablet Holder, and SpaceSaver Design

Brand: ProForm
Model Name: Carbon TL
Model Year: 2023
Color: Black
Product Dimensions: 68″D x 32″W x 57″H
Item Weight: 196 pounds
Material: Alloy Steel

Key Features: A Buffet of Convenience

The Carbon TL is packed with features that are as tempting as a buffet to a starving dieter. The OneTouch controls are a standout, letting you adjust speed and incline with the ease of clicking a mouse. Gone are the days of furiously tapping a + button while trying not to fall off the machine.

ProShox Cushioning deserves a special mention. Running on the Carbon TL feels like jogging on a cloud, if clouds were made of durable, shock-absorbing material. It’s gentle on the knees, making it ideal for anyone who’s had a previous encounter with the unforgiving surface of traditional treadmills (or the actual pavement).

Bluetooth capability might not sound revolutionary, but in practice, it’s like having a gym buddy who’s always on time. Connecting to the iFit app transforms the treadmill from a mere exercise machine to an interactive workout experience. It’s one thing to jog while staring at a wall and quite another to sprint through the streets of Paris, guided by a personal trainer who’s somehow always cheerful.

The iFit Experience: Like Having a Personal Trainer in Your Living Room

Speaking of iFIT, this feature is the cherry on top of the Carbon TL sundae. The subscription service (which, yes, auto-renews at $39/month plus tax unless you say otherwise) opens up a world of trainer-led workouts and Google Maps routes. It’s engaging, motivating, and, dare I say, fun. The automatic adjustments during workouts mean you can focus on surviving that hill climb rather than fiddling with controls.

However, the true beauty of iFIT on the Carbon TL is in its ability to make you forget you’re exercising in your own home. You’re no longer jogging in place; you’re exploring, competing, and achieving. Just remember, as immersive as it might be, yelling “Bonsoir!” to your iFIT trainer as you run through a virtual Paris might earn you some strange looks from housemates.


  • Compact and Space-Saving Design
    Integrated Technology for Interactive Workouts
    Adjustability and Comfort
    Hands-Free Automatic Adjustments
    High-Quality Build and Materials
    User-Friendly Interface


  • iFit Subscription Cost
    Assembly Required

Performance and Usability: A Smooth Operator

In terms of performance, the Carbon TL is as smooth as a politician at a fundraising dinner. The transition between inclines and speeds is seamless, making for a workout that’s challenging yet not jarring. The 5-inch display, while not the largest on the market, is crisp and easy to read. It displays all the vital stats, keeping you informed without overwhelming you with numbers.

The machine’s setup is straightforward, though I recommend using a buddy system — not just for safety, but for the shared sense of accomplishment when you’re done. It’s like assembling IKEA furniture, but at the end, you get to run on it.

In Conclusion: Your Living Room’s New Best Friend

The ProForm Carbon TL Treadmill is more than just a piece of exercise equipment; it’s a gateway to a healthier lifestyle that doesn’t require sacrificing half your living space. It’s sturdy, feature-packed, and with the iFIT integration, surprisingly engaging. Yes, the subscription fee is a consideration, but for the variety and quality of workouts you get, it’s like investing in a gym membership without ever having to leave your house.

In a world where home workouts are becoming the norm, the Carbon TL stands out for making fitness accessible, enjoyable, and, most importantly, part of your daily life. So, if you’re in the market for a treadmill that promises to be your partner in crime (or at least in fitness), the Carbon TL might just be the co-conspirator you’re looking for.

ProForm Carbon TL

Proform Carbon TL Treadmill stands out as one of Proform's most preferred treadmills. So, let's take a look at its features and our review of the treadmill.

Product Brand: ProForm

Editor's Rating:


  • Compact and Space-Saving Design
  • Integrated Technology for Interactive Workouts
  • Adjustability and Comfort
  • Hands-Free Automatic Adjustments
  • High-Quality Build and Materials
  • User-Friendly Interface


  • iFIT Subscription Cost
  • Assembly Required
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